If you’ve been wondering about whether or not you have erectile dysfunction, it’s time to finally come and see your Hialeah urologist specialist. The physicians on our staff are all former university professors with fellowship sub-specialties, allowing them to really understand your health and your issues in order to reach a more efficient and accurate diagnosis. We know that erectile…Read More

As you may or may not know, erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men, affecting upwards of 30 million males in the United States every year. While erectile dysfunction is often temporary and a symptom of another issue among younger males, the incidence rate increases with age. However, your Hialeah urologist specialists want to make sure you know that erectile dysfunction is not a natur…Read More

As men get older, they have certain problems that will likely cause them to want to see their primary care physician and their urologist specialist in Hialeah. Luckily, most of these issues are easily dealt with, however some do require further investigation. Today we’re going to discuss a few signs that men need to see their urologist specialist. Experiencing erectile dysfunction? If so, it…Read More